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Seafood purchase coup

Industry News
2017/09/27 09:44
Seafood contains a lot of protein and nutrients, is an important source of healthy eating. Eat seafood every day to ensure a balanced diet, for heart health and children's growth is very beneficial. However, due to improper use of seafood, "food poisoning" can easily occur. Therefore, extra caution is required when purchasing, handling and storing seafood.
Fish and shrimp purchase should pay attention to:
1. Buy fresh fish and shrimp frozen or placed for sale on an un-thawed ice bed (preferably covered with a covering)
2. Choose fresh, no stench or ammonia fish.
3. Fresh fish eyes should be clear, slightly prominent.
4. Whether it is whole fish or fish fillet, meat should be tight and elastic, bright red gills, no white mucus.
5. No color around the fish become lighter, darker or dry phenomenon.
6. shrimp meat should be translucent and shiny, no smell.
7. Some frozen fish shrimp packaging will be marked on the freezing time and temperature, you can view the purchase, select the appropriate seafood food.
Buy shellfish seafood need to pay attention:
1. If oysters, clams, mussels and other shellfish shell has burst, do not buy.
2 hand touch and shellfish shell percussion, will buy automatically buy the shellfish.
3. dead lobster and crabs poor quality, so in the purchase of shrimp and crab legs to observe whether the move, in order to determine whether the fresh.
Frozen seafood is easily thawed on the way to shipping or taking home after it is purchased, preferably controlled when it is placed in warm temperatures.
1. Do not buy packaging damaged frozen seafood.
2. Do not buy frozen seafood with frost or ice crystals on the package, as this kind of seafood may have frozen for a long time, or it may be frozen again after thawing.