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Shantou Haimao Foodstuff Factory Co.,Ltd. founded in 1985, is a private enterprise specializing in aquatic processing and import and export rights, established by the Shantou Municipal People's government. The company is located in a wide range of fish species and rich aquatic resources of the South China Sea - Shantou Special Economic Zone in Guangdong province. Under the leadership of chairman Li Lieqiang, with the joint efforts of all the staff and the support of relevant municipal departments, the company has accumulated abundant funds and abundant processing and production technology after nineteen years of continuous development.






 In order to adapt to the rapid development of the company, in 2003, the company built a more than 14000 square meter modern factory and office building which conforms to the national food processing quality standard in the Pearl River industrial area, Shantou, where the environment is beautiful, traffic is convenient and communication is developed.

In 2004, the company's total assets of 40 million yuan, fixed assets 35 million yuan, annual production and export of various types of aquatic products amounted to more than 5000 tons, the annual output value reached 20 million U.S. dollars, exports $about 15000000.


At present, the company has advanced, in line with industry international health standards requirements of the rough machining and fine processing of aquatic products processing air conditioning workshop of more than 10000 square meters, aquatic processing equipment and equipped with modern day freezing capacity of 24 tons of frozen frozen tunnel device, freezing ability, 50 tons of IQF machine, 48 tons of frozen on the spiral the frozen workshop, day 30 tons of frozen flat machine, Nissan 30 tons of borneol borneol machine, Nissan 60 tons of ice making workshop, daily turnover of 150 tons, a storage capacity of 3000 tons, the temperature reached 22 degrees below zero cold storage and a series of facilities etc..

Shantou Haimao food factory limited company always adhere to the "people-oriented, the pursuit of excellence, from excellence" concept of employment, has a group with GMP and HACCP standards of high-quality technical staff and management experience, familiar with the aquatic products processing staff of more than 1000 people. The aquatic products produced by the company have stable and reliable quality assurance. All of the company's products have passed the quality certification of the United States and other countries.






Shantou Haimao Foodstuff Factory Co.,Ltd. insists on the development goal of "quality first, customer first, meet customer's demand". Following the "market oriented" business philosophy, we will win the market by relying on strong technical strength, advanced processing and production equipment, strict production management, perfect quality assurance system and high-quality whole process service. Company adhering to the spirit of "as always, keeping pace with the times", sincere cooperation with domestic and foreign businessmen, work together to create a better tomorrow.

Our main products are frozen cooked shrimp, frozen bread, shrimp, frozen shrimp, quick frozen shrimp, quick frozen skinned squid, quick frozen sea fish, quick frozen bullfrog leg, quick frozen shellfish, quick frozen Oriental snails, quick frozen Qingkou, quick frozen tilapia, quick frozen tilapia fillet and so on. All the products of the company sell well in the United States, the European Union and other countries. The quality of the products is greatly appreciated by the users.



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