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Eat wild seafood diarrhea eat more autumn do not caprice

Industry News
2017/09/27 09:38
Althoughtheautumnisagoodseasontoeatseafood,butalsopayattentiontounscrupulousstudentseatrawseafood,someseafoodisnotwhatyouwanttoeatraw,eatmorebuteasytoinducediarrhea. Autumnisagoodtimetoeatseafood,Chen
Although the autumn is a good season to eat seafood, but also pay attention to unscrupulous students eat raw seafood, some seafood is not what you want to eat raw, eat more but easy to induce diarrhea.
Autumn is a good time to eat seafood, Chen followed his colleagues to the southern coastal city business, local friends warmly welcome them. Two days in a row, Chen Dun Dun enjoy seafood feast, raw crab, raw shrimp fat and beautiful, let him address him, unable to stop. Who knows, the third day morning monthes, Chen feel stomach grunts, then anal tight, jumped straight from the bed to the toilet. A stench floated from the bathroom, Chen pull out the yellow watery stool. Just once back bed he felt uncomfortable stomach, but also ran to the bathroom. In this way, one night toss endless, the next day continues.
Chen had to go to the hospital, the doctor asked people who eat together this phenomenon, Chen said others did not eat raw seafood, but also did not see diarrhea. The doctor told him that this diarrhea is the curse of eating raw seafood. Chen suddenly laughed, usually eat salmon did not see diarrhea, ah, why this time on the move?
Doctors pointed out that seafood perishable, but also easily contaminated, but from the surface can not see the problem, so many people eat raw seafood diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain and so on. In addition, some people even eat diarrhea, because of his resistance is better, intestinal immunity, eat less, naturally low incidence.
These seafood can not eat eat!
Oysters: rich in protein and zinc, much the favorite of men in various countries. However, oysters carry two dreaded pathogens that make the food ill, Vibrio cholerae and Norovirus.
Sashimi: Although sashimi is the heart of many people, but sometimes eat can cause liver fluke. Like Guangxi people like to eat freshwater fish sashimi, there are a lot of trickery. The seawater fish are more Anisaxis carrying salmon, cod, tuna, groupers, octopus and other easily infected.
Raw crab: Many people like to eat salted crabs in Chaoshan, not knowing that this behavior will lead to paragonimiasis. It is possible to infect paragonimiasis ingestion of uncooked freshwater crabs with metacercariae.
Eat healthy raw seafood tips
Seafood delicious no one can refuse, we have to eat healthy seafood is a rule. Let's take a look at the experts' suggestion.
1. seafood cooked to eat less than the risk of eating raw, as long as the temperature of 70 degrees above cooked fifteen minutes, the risk of eating seafood can be reduced to a minimum;
Cooked seafood do not mix with raw seafood, easily contaminated;
3. Whether raw or cooked seafood, should be refrigerated before eating;
4. Do not use sea water to wash food and tableware, so as not to be indirectly contaminated.